Saturday, September 28, 2013

Kayu Tanyo Expedition

I observe that our adventure getting wilder day by day. You can imagine that now we determine our destination only based on what we see in google map. The light blue sea (described in map that it has color gradations) and surrounded by several small islands mean interesting places for us. Yeah, it sounds a crazy way to make plan for a trip.

Kayu Tanyo Area

Interesting Islands

Driving cars for about 1.5 hrs from our camp to east Luwuk, we reached Kayutanyo, a fishermen’s village. We rented a fisherman’s boat to bring us to the snorkeling spot.

During the boat trip we saw crude palm plantations, mangrove forests and white sands beaches. Actually, mangrove forest is good for preventing abrasions, but it’s not a good spot for snorkeling. Surroundings mangrove forest means underwater visibility is not clear (maybe it’s caused by mangrove leaves which were felt down and contaminating the water). 

 Here are some pictures taken by my camera during the trip
Islands surrounding Kayu Tanyo

Finally, I could take 'Nemo' (clown fish) picture with my DSLR :)

Sorry, It's just a short story. The next adventure is waiting...(Banyak Islands nearby Peleng Island).

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